Song of The Week - Adele - Make You Feel My Love

>> Saturday, April 12

When it comes to music I am very highly critical of what I listen to (in regards to lyrical content). I love my music and am very passionate about it but I really, really am disgusted with the quality of music that has come out lately. I don't and can't listen to the radio anymore. I'm just not impressed by too many artists, but notice my surprise when I heard this week's featured artist, I was truly impressed and I look forward to her artistry from here on out.

This week's artist is a London based Soul and Jazz singer Adele. I am really into this Bob Dylan cover of Make You Feel My Love and I hope you like it as well. The words just say it all. Can't you hear this in some Julia Roberts - Hugh Grant romantic comedy? I LOVE IT! Here is a live version and studio version of the song:


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