The Spirit of Hip Hop - Coco Brother

>> Tuesday, April 22

I am so feeling the radio show The Spirit of Hip Hop and the host Coco Brother. I have been listening for quite some time and I am truly a fan and I am always blessed when I listen in. If you have never heard of the show you have no idea what you are missing. I love the worship segment of the show. It really is true worship not the fake, play, pretentious worship that you sometimes get in church. It is WORSHIP on a whole other level. He put me on to Jason Upton's worship music - trust me you have no idea about worship until you hear Jason Upton. I would so love to sit down with him and really talk about his work on the radio and in the community. if you are in the Atlanta area you can hear him on Hot 107.9 on Sundays from 6:00AM - 11:00AM. If you are outside, the ATL, please stop by his website where you can hear his radio show and see what station he comes on in your city.



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