The Watchers vs. The Wanderers vs. The Doers

>> Monday, April 14

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds."

~ Francis Bacon

Which are you?

There are definitely three types of people in the world - the watchers, the wanderers and the doers. It amazes me that with all that life has to offer now and with all the access to information that there are people who still are still watching the parade pass them by instead of being the Grand Marshall of the event. I, for one am not one of those people who wants to sit on the sidewalk and watch the action I want to be the star. 

I love learning new things and experiencing new cultures, people, and skills. I will try just about anything once as long as it is not illegal or immoral. I watch people everyday and their behavior. I'm an observer by nature and pay close attention to what people do rather than what they say. Most people think that I'm shy or quiet but it's not that. I just sit back and observe the panorama. Since being in Atlanta, I've noticed that most people here are just watching other people and wander around aimlessly because they don't know who they are. It's almost like watching that scene in The Wiz when Dorothy gets to the Emerald City and everyone is out there singing and dancing and following each other while "The Wiz" (played by Richard Pryor - one of the greatest comedians ever) is making all of these color changes. Peep the video here. How quickly they all love the new color and hate the previous one they so raved about. That scene is a tell tale story of life and how we have people in the upper echelons of life making decisions for us in order to tell us who we are and what we like. It just makes no sense the foolishness people follow and how they try to justify it. You have to love zombies because that's what people are nowadays; living zombies.

I like to be the star. No, that doesn't mean I want to be a celebrity it just means that whenever I do something and I sign my name to it, you better believe it is done in excellence. I'm all about taking risks and putting myself out there. I'm not concerned with how people perceive me because at the end of the day I need to look at myself in the mirror and be comfortable knowing that I did my very best, what was necessary and right for me. I don't care if it seems crazy to you or doesn't seem to make sense but I trust me and when I know, I know. By the time, I've made a move I've played out scenario after scenario in my head. I have plan (or maybe a couple - you can never be too sure) and back up plans for every plan in case anything goes wrong. Even when I've exhausted all of my possibilities, I'm really quick on my feet, so I can come up with a solution on the spot. Chalk it up to me being a former flight attendant or working in hotels where you are not allowed to be seen under pressure only perform. 

Like I said, there are 3 types of people in the world: Doers, Wanderers and Watchers. Which do you fall under? 

Wanderers -Have no fixed idea on where they are going, Have no purpose, Can't see past today or tomorrow, Aimlessly going through the motions

Watchers -Watching and following the doers, Never come up with their own self identity, Allow others and material objects to define them

Doers- Expect the best, See where they are going and not where they are now, Impart energy and vitality into the spirits of other people, Risk Takers, High on life, Expect nothing from no one but themselves

I'm definitely a doer but it surprises how many people say they are a doer but are really only watchers. Are you a doer based on your life needs or off the plan of someone else's? That's a question I ask people a lot. If your parents were like my parents growing up, then they would give you people to admire, to follow in their footsteps. The problem with that is, you are not creating your own vision, leaving your personal footprint because you are too busy to emulate whoever to the "T". I remember going to beach as a kid and walking along or rather behind my parents. They would leave footprints in the sand and instead of making my own I would walk in the same steps they took and walk on top of their footprints. It's the same thing. How many times have you read about or met someone who wants to be the next Thurgood Marshall? Some are so over zealot that they attend the same school he went to, join the same organizations or live a life that is similar or would be pleasing  to Mr. Marshall. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Marshall is an excellent role model to inspire to be like but his walk, will never be your walk. (Even the definition of role model is to imitate a person's behavior in a particular role.) The paths may sometimes overlap but it will never be the same direct route traveled to get there.

There is nothing wrong with emulating anyone or having inspiration but what I've learned about life is that there is no correct one formula to get you to wherever you want to go. If that was the case we would be a bland society instead of the rich, colorful and diverse people we are. I say, yes it's okay to admire that person and follow their plan but modify it so it fits in your life and not so that their life and plan takes over yours. Pressure is a son of b%$#h and if you've ever wondered why some people crack under it, it's because they are not following the directives God has given specifically for them but are following the instructions He has given to someone else. Each of us has a specific plan for our lives just as unique as our fingerprints. When you learn or figure out the directive for your specific life, living up to the pressure is not in disappointing other people anymore it's in disappointing yourself. No one wants to to disappoint themselves so you will do only your best and you will succeed because you made the calls on where to go and what to do not because 

I have always signed my emails this way even in high school "Always imitated but never duplicated." It's something I've picked up from my father because he says it ALL the time. I'm an original and not a copy. I make decisions in my life because I know that for truth. My walk is not like someone else's. If God gives me my instructions and I'm told to go right, then why in all that is Holy, would I allow someone to tell me to go left because it's a sure fire, proven way to go because the person before me got to the destination that way. Uh uh, God told me to go right and I'm going right.

 That's something my parents don't seem to understand (or all parents, really), yes you want the best for your children but sometimes your walk is not their walk. You can't manipulate a situation because that is what you want them to do. It does not work. Children are not "mini-me's",children are reflections (notice I said reflection and not replica) of their parents and  come with their own instructions that they are to seek and parents are to raise them up to be able to seek out those instructions not to give them new ones. Parents are to hone in on their child's gifts and talents and nurture that is within in them and carefully not smother the passion for said gifts or talents.  

Sometimes, as people, we have to go out and learn the lessons and go through the fire. Sometimes we need to let go of all that is familiar and walk by faith and not by sight. Sometimes we need to be tested to realize and understand that God may have some lessons or things in place to show how to better equip ourselves, so that when we get to our destination we are not fighting trying to find who we are. It wouldn't be a fight for me because I already know who I am and what I am capable of.

Again, there is nothing wrong with emulating people but you must follow your own instructions that have been laid out for you. The journey in life is deciphering those instructions and using it as a map to get you to YOUR greater great and no the greater great of someone else's life. I'm a different person all together I choose to take the road less traveled and it has made all the difference. My mother always said I was an unusual child and I continue to be an unusual woman. Please understand, I'm human and sometimes I do feel or rather allow people to make feel a little self conscious  about my journey and then I regain my composure and say "it's my journey" and I will do what I please. I usually keep my life story to myself because it's no one else's to dissect and take apart to tell me how I should live or be living. I'm an original and not an imitation. Do you know who you are? Are you the imitator or the originator? Are you a wander, watcher or a doer? What I know of me is that, I'm a doer who took the road less travelled and that has made all the difference.


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