Letter To A Young Black Female

>> Thursday, May 1

Letter to a Young Black Female

What's up young lady. You may not know who I am but I know who you are. You see, I see your potential, I envision you accomplishing all of your dreams and goals. Anything that you set your mind to can and will be yours if you just Believe!

Believe in what you may ask? Yourself! Believe that you are the intellect which has governed civilizations for century upon century. Believe that you are the standard of beauty and not whatever images the media shells out at you. Believe that there is no task too big or too small that you can not reach for and achieve.

Realize young lady that women have always been at the helm of everything great. James Brown said it best, "this is a man's world but it wouldn't be nothing without a woman or a girl". You have so many big sisters to look up to, so many sources of inspiration that have provided the framework of the strong work ethic known as womanhood.

Notice I call you young lady for these terms that I hear you referred to are not your names. You are a Queen who must demand respect, your mere presence should command respect. You must first respect yourself however, and respect your fellow sisters as well. Together you young ladies make up the future table of leadership.

God made you to be special, he made you to stand apart from the crowd. So fear not if you feel isolated or alone, look back to your big sisters who have changed the landscape of history, they once felt alone too. I write you this letter to show my admiration for you, to pay hommage to the beautiful gift that the creator is bestowing upon us. Follow your dreams and believe in your path young lady, for the very thought of you reaching a tenth of your potential is an inspiration to us all!

Truly yours,

Cedric D. Shine (your #1 fan)


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