Song of The Week - Jazmine Sillivan - Need You Bad

>> Friday, July 25

Need u bad by Jazmine Sullivan

She is so my new favorite singer. I really am feeling her style.
Dedicated to...... He knows who is - I don't need to say anymore


Song of the Week - Hezekiah Walker - Grateful

>> Friday, July 18

It is so easy to live your life with everyday things (family issues, bills, work) knocking on your door that you forget the daily blessings you have and are not grateful anymore for anything. And I am not talking about the the financial blessings or materialistic blessings you might receive or want to recive but real blessings to be grateful for. I'm talking about being grateful for the simple ability for your mind to function. Grateful that your brain communicates with your feet and tells them to move in this direction and that direction. Grateful that God just favored you and allowed you to wake up this morning. Those are some real blesseings to be grateful for.


Song of the Week - Marvin Sapp - Never Would Have Made It

>> Friday, July 11

My song of the week is:

Never Would have Made It by Marvin Sapp

This is my testimony everyday. I trust the Lord with all my heart and he directs my paths. I know that so many times I could have lost it all but God is always with me. It's tough a lot of times but all I can say is - GRACE and MERCY. I'm constantly thankful for God's grace and his mercy.


Prayer for Jarrod

>> Sunday, July 6

This week, one of my closest friends will be departing for Afghanistan and I wanted to offer up a prayer for his protection and the protection of all the armed forces worldwide:

Father, I'm praying for (Jarrod) and those who are serving with him, and for the families of all the armed forces worldwide...

The Bible tells us, You're our rock, our fortress, and our shield— and these people on my heart need You to be all these things and more! They don't have to be in the heat of battle to be in danger; the world is a dangerous place wherever they are. (Psalm 18:2)Grant them new life, that they may run under Your wings when they face danger of any kind; cover them with Your feathers. Help them stay in constant touch with You, living in Your presence. Then send Your angels to surround them and guard them wherever they go! ( John 3:3, 5; Psalm 57:1; 91:1–2, 4, 9, 11; 2 Kings 6:17)

Help them turn to You as their refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. Go before them and protect them from behind. Be their shade from the heat, their shelter from the storm, their hiding place—protect them from trouble. Watch over them, for You never sleep. Their lives are in Your hands; may they trust in You and not be afraid. (Psalm 46:1; Isaiah 52:12; 25:4b; Psalm 32:7a; 121:4–5; 31:15; 56:11)In Jesus' name, amen.

Jim & Kaye Johns Source: "Prayers for the Moment: One-Minute Scripture Prayers" Copyright September 2006. Reprinted with permission of B&H Publishing Group


Song of the Week -Shekinah Glory - Yes

>> Friday, July 4

Here is my Song or Songs of the week:

Yes by Shekinah Glory - Part 1 & 2

Will your heart and soul say yes? Will your spirit still say yes?

All God wants is Yes... How simple is it just to say yes to everyone in your life but not yes to God. Count how many times you say yes in a day. You say yes to your boss, yes to your spouse, yes to your children, and yes to your friends. But what is it that they are giving you for your compliance? Are they giving everlasting life, peace, joy, etc.... Can you truly say that your soul says Yes to God. If someone told you that they would give you everything your heart desired if you just trusted them and just simply said the word yes, would you say it? That's what God wants from you- just a simple yes. If you simply say YES, God will do it.

If this song does not touch or pull on your heart or your spirit than you let me know and I'll find you a good doctor because you have no heart or soul. This song truly ministers to me everytime I hear it. God is truly an AWESOME God!!!!


What I Want In A Man

>> Wednesday, July 2

Where and Who Is He????
I know this post is going to stir a lot of feathers but I am a woman who knows what she likes and knows what she wants. I'm reaching that point in life where all my friends are either in good relationships, engaged, or already married; so it's only natural that I want those same things as well. So I created a list of qualities that I would like in a man. The following is a list of qualities that I would like (this is probably why I'm having trouble in my relationship because he doesn't fit in my wants and desires but a girl can pray - and pray HARD I shall).

DISCLAIMER: Let me just say this before I proceed any further, I would not ask any man to do anything and be anything that I myself would not do or act in any manner and in any manner in which I would not conduct myself. When I come to the table I'm bringing more than silverware and an appetite so I expect a man to do the same.


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