Song of the Week - Hezekiah Walker - Grateful

>> Friday, July 18

It is so easy to live your life with everyday things (family issues, bills, work) knocking on your door that you forget the daily blessings you have and are not grateful anymore for anything. And I am not talking about the the financial blessings or materialistic blessings you might receive or want to recive but real blessings to be grateful for. I'm talking about being grateful for the simple ability for your mind to function. Grateful that your brain communicates with your feet and tells them to move in this direction and that direction. Grateful that God just favored you and allowed you to wake up this morning. Those are some real blesseings to be grateful for.

Mr. C, the man-child I are dating and have been for the past 6 years, owns his own business, has a great family support system and good friends but yet can't seem to find anything to be grateful for or happy about. I talk to him everyday and the only thing I hear him do is complain, complain, complain and it is always about money and how he doesn't have enough. He makes great money and he is very financially savvy, he knows how to save money and be frugal in his shopping choices so it's not like he doesn't have money. It's just not the amout he wants, he wants more and I'm not mad at him for that. His view on money is just a little off to me.

He once told me that it doesn't matter how much money he has, he just tells himself he is broke and that he doesn't have any so he won't spend it. So he walks around in a constant state of angry because he is "broke". This is not about his money issues or how he handles it; it really is about how he will put money before anyone (mostly me and his family). We have so many arguments about him not living life because of his money issues. He would miss family gatherings, dates with me, outings with friends because of his mind-set on money. I tell him that life is so much more than bills and finances and that if you allow it to happen, life will just pass you by. I knew people like him, they spent their whole life saving money trying to obtain this and that and always putting things off until they retired only not even living long enough to enjoy the retirement or life that they worked so hard to put off until it was right for them.

Don't get me wrong, yes, you need money to live and I'm all about saving money myself but it should not be the driving force on how you live your life. Life is about experiences and interacting with people. Life is being grateful for the cards you are dealt and learning to play with the hand you were given.

I'm so grateful for everything in my life. I'm grateful that I wake up every morning and that I can just get up to open my mouth just to say THANK YOU GOD. I'm grateful that my eyes can open just to see the sun in the morning and the moon at night when they close. I'm grateful that I can open my mouth and can speak. I'm grateful for my lungs to allow me the capability to breathe on my own. I'm so grateful that if God never blessed me with anything else I would still be grateful because He's done enough. Thank you God for filling me with your peace, joy and love. I have a relationship with YOU so great that so many people search lifetimes trying to imitate and/or find someone who can fill your place but they can never come close to YOU.

Please enjoy Grateful by Hezekiah Walker
I hope this lifts your spirit as it has and continues to lift mine.


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