Song of the Week -Shekinah Glory - Yes

>> Friday, July 4

Here is my Song or Songs of the week:

Yes by Shekinah Glory - Part 1 & 2

Will your heart and soul say yes? Will your spirit still say yes?

All God wants is Yes... How simple is it just to say yes to everyone in your life but not yes to God. Count how many times you say yes in a day. You say yes to your boss, yes to your spouse, yes to your children, and yes to your friends. But what is it that they are giving you for your compliance? Are they giving everlasting life, peace, joy, etc.... Can you truly say that your soul says Yes to God. If someone told you that they would give you everything your heart desired if you just trusted them and just simply said the word yes, would you say it? That's what God wants from you- just a simple yes. If you simply say YES, God will do it.

If this song does not touch or pull on your heart or your spirit than you let me know and I'll find you a good doctor because you have no heart or soul. This song truly ministers to me everytime I hear it. God is truly an AWESOME God!!!!


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