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>> Wednesday, July 2

Where and Who Is He????
I know this post is going to stir a lot of feathers but I am a woman who knows what she likes and knows what she wants. I'm reaching that point in life where all my friends are either in good relationships, engaged, or already married; so it's only natural that I want those same things as well. So I created a list of qualities that I would like in a man. The following is a list of qualities that I would like (this is probably why I'm having trouble in my relationship because he doesn't fit in my wants and desires but a girl can pray - and pray HARD I shall).

DISCLAIMER: Let me just say this before I proceed any further, I would not ask any man to do anything and be anything that I myself would not do or act in any manner and in any manner in which I would not conduct myself. When I come to the table I'm bringing more than silverware and an appetite so I expect a man to do the same.

I want a man that..........
  • Has a heart for God
  • Has a close personal relationship with God
  • Will attend and participate in church with me every Sunday
  • KNOWS HIS OWN HEART!!!!!!!!!!
  • Is intelligent
  • Is trustworthy
  • Has a great sense of humor
  • Can easily and willingly communicate with me
  • Is romantic
  • Will respect me and and any other women like he would respect his mother, sister(s) and or grandmother(s)
  • Is man enough to say I love you
  • Is man enough to say I'm sorry
  • Is man enough to be responsible for his own actions
  • Can accept and give unconditional love
  • Is not possessive but protective of me as woman
  • Is strong mentally, emotionally & physically
  • Is very supportive me
  • Respects my thoughts, feelings and opinions
  • Respects my family and my heritage
  • Is understanding
  • Keeps his promises
  • Is not conceited but confident (I love a man with SWAGGER)
  • Is not shy (because I'm not)
  • Is not selfish
  • Likes adventure
  • Likes to explore and try new things
  • Has a vision for his life, a sense of purpose
  • Loves a challenge (I hope so, because I know I am very challenging)
  • Is a true gentleman
  • Is not ashamed to cry, at least not in front of me
  • Can handle that I'm independent (but not too independent that I won't need him)
  • Is laid-back and not sooo high strung
  • Is very affectionate
  • doesn't mind holding my hand in public or opening the card door for me
  • Is creative (with these gas prices you have to be)
  • Can accept it when he is wrong
  • Understands the difference between lust and love
  • Understands my heart
  • Is not afraid of commitment
  • Understands my quest for greatness
  • Has a great smile
  • Is outgoing
  • Is man enough to say he needs help
  • Can be spontaneous
  • Would like children and is comfortable around children
  • Can surprise me with romantic gestures just because
  • Loves to travel
  • Can trust me
  • Can appreciate the simple things as well as the finer things in life
  • Doesn't mind watching sports with me (You get between me and football and we will have a problem. I'm not kidding!!!!)
  • Loves spending time with me (not all the time, I need "me" time sometimes)
  • Loves music, especially if he can appreciate different genres
  • Loves to laugh
  • Has an open mind
  • Believes in true love
  • Is a people person
  • Likes to go out but can be just as comfortable with a quiet night at home
  • Can appreciate going to museums and plays
  • Loves me whole-hearted
  • Loves to have a good time
  • Loves dogs
  • Is secure in life and love
  • Stands up for what he believes in
  • Is persistent
  • Is not a quitter
  • Is genuine
  • Is a Man of Valor
  • Is polite
  • Remembers the little things that matter
If anyone knows where a man like this is, send him my way I'm up for the challenge. Just kidding!!!! This man was already pre-ordained for me so I'm just waiting until he finds me and when he does, I will know. 


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