I Don't Have No Babies......

>> Saturday, August 16

"I don't know what he's packing balls or a vajayjay but, he needs to work that out cuz' I ain't got no babies, ain't nobody sucking on my titties, so please man the f@$k up."
- Terri from Project Runway

When I heard Ms. Terri on Project Runway utter these words I literally fell out of my chair in waves of laughter and tears. That was hilarious and awesome on so many levels. Girl, you better stop before my stomach hurts from laughing at your foolishness!

Later on as I was allowing the words to soak in I realized that I need to be the spokeswoman for the " I don't have no babies sucking on my titties, so he better man the **F@$k** up! Campaign" Just like Nancy Reagan had her "Just Say No" campaign, I have my own just say no campaign....Just Say No to men who can't man the **f@$k** up!!!! The campaign applies to both heterosexual and homosexual men. I don't care what you color you paint your pictures with but a man is still a man. I know a couple of dudes that can be my poster children (and I do mean children); they proudly wear the title of man-child well, so they should feel right at home.


Lions Tigers & Bears - OH MY!!!!!!!

>> Sunday, August 3

I am so loving the Lions Tigers Bears song from Jazmine Sullivan.

So far, Jazmine has not disappointed me yet. I am truly excited about this song. The lyrics alone are beautiful and flawless (Please see below). If my life were a soundtrack this would so play in the romantic scene of my life. I am so excited about her album coming out and I can't wait.

This song reminds of a particular someone. He knows how I feel about him and our friendship and how I'm scared for the both of us to move forward and ruin a great friendship. He to me is a tall, cold pitcher filled to the brim of lemonade on a very hot day - just absolutely refreshing. Forget the glasses I want to drink it straight from the pitcher..... Yeah, it's like that and he knows it but we are both to afraid to take that initial step.

Thank you Jazmine Sullivan for taking the innermost feelings of my heart and putting them into song, if my heart could sing this would be the song and how it would sound.

Here are the lyrics:

I'm not scared of lions and tigers and bears (no I'm not)
But I'm scared of (loving you)
I'm not scared to perform at a sold out affair (that's right)
But I'm scared of (loving you)
Am I the only one who thinks it's an impossible task
Why it don't last?
Is that too much to ask?
Why do we love Love,When Love seems to hate us?
Sorry if I sound so filled with gloom.
You say you care, and I know you do...
But this is from my experience
And my conclusion only makes sense.
Just cause I love you, and you love me
It doesn't mean that we're meant to be.
I can climb mountains, swim cross the seas
But the most frightening you and me.
Most circumstances, I know my fate
But in this love thang, I don't get the game.
Why does it feel like those who give in,
They only wind up losing a friend.
Just cause I love you and you love me,
It doesn't mean that we'll ever be.
Fly cross the ocean, sing for the queen
But the most frightening thing is you and me.
I'm sure though I'm not sure
But if we never try, We'll never know
It's better to have loved then not to loved at all.
Not trying is worse than to stumble and fall
And if we do, I'd rather it be with you
Cause at least there will be sweet memories.
Oh I'm not scared...


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