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>> Friday, January 29

1. Since going natural and I have enjoyed my BIG Fabulous Curls in all their glory, but I want to admit here and now that that I HATE the Corporate Barbie 'do I'm sporting right now. All for the sake of having to fit the company image. I don't want to fit in, I just want to wear my hair how God made it grow out of my scalp. It's sad that when I'm in corporate barbie mode I look and feel like any other chick walking down the street but when I'm in Trini GRITS free-bird style I stand out in a crowd. I get the stop and stares and I'm glad because I'm an Original and not a copy. I HATE you Corporate AMERICA for hating my natural hair!!!!

2. I LOVE God with ALL my heart and soul. I'm forever grateful for all the blessings He has bestowed upon me, but I HATE church folks? They are some the most hypocritical and negative people I've ever seen. How is that they come to church every sunday and ask for prayer for the same problem every week for the past 5 years? Maybe if you stop throwing dirt on your neighbors front porch and clean yours off first maybe God can bless you. Stop asking God to bless your mess and cover it up so you can keep walking around with your nose in the air. Church folks, God love 'em.

3. I am declaring It right now that if Guy Sebastian of Australian Idol fame ever left his wife, I would gladly fill her role. There is something in that man's voice that sends chills through my body.  Can't wait to see his music explode in the US. 

4. I miss dancing. Not many people outside my circle of friends knows that I used to  be a dancer and not the kind of dancer that requires a pole as their prop either. I really used to dance and study my craft and be full of joy when I thought about it. I feel like I'm ready to start getting back into the swing of things and reacquaint myself with my former passion. Hello, Dance? Yeah, it's me - I'm back!!!!!

5. I am totally hooked on this show called Life. NBC cancelled it after two seasons (figures all the good shows get cancelled and all we're left with is crappy reality tv and mediocre dramas - This why I don't watch much t.v.). Someone called me a "Badge Bunny" the other day and I had know idea what that term meant so I asked Officer BD what it was (Law Enforcement Groupie, according to him) and I also googled it. Of course, I was not pleased with the discovery of the meaning because I don't even like cops (you know the rule - NO police, NO military and NO firemen) except for the ones I know (most especially Officer BD) and I don't know very many. In my search of learning about badge bunnies a video pops up and hey, I'm a curious girl so I clicked on it and it was the show called Life. I must say from the very beginning I was hooked now I'm watching both seasons via Hulu (thank you God for Hulu, Fancast, Veoh and any their website that let's me watch tv and movies via internet). I advise you to check it out - it's a very well written show with a great cast. Who knows maybe another network will pick it up? Keeping my fingers crossed.

6. I feel like a junkie going through withdrawals from my GLEE high. I need some new songs and scenes from Lea Michelle and Amber Riley in my life desperately. I guess I'm going to Hulu to watch repeats to give  me my daily quick fix until April. This is going to be a long 2 months. By the way, that Matthew Morrison is so delish! I want to scoop him up like double fudge chocolate chip ice cream on a cone. Don't get me wrong he is no Hugh Jackman but man, Matthew can get it too.

7. I love Fantasia and she is very real!  Fanny for President!!!! Right after Barack's 2nd term and Michelle has 2 terms of her own. If you are not a fan go check out her Lady Marmalade tribute to Patti Labelle and tell me if you don't think God needs the glory for talent like that. Better yet, her version of Total Praise gets me every time. I'm talking  on my knees, ugly church cry. Yes, like that. Enough said......

8. I still get misty eyed listening to Michael Jackson song. Oh Michael, how I still miss and love you so. I was almost in tears listening to Got To Be There in my car the other day. 

9. I need to go lay down on the altar because I have been listening to Robin Thicke's Sex Therapy on repeat all day. Whhoooooow!!!!!! I'm about to start sweating in a minute. Jesus, be a fence around me. 
Girl, it’s your body we can do whatever you like (2x)

It’s your body we can ride and rock and roll

Ride and rock and rollRide and rock, oh oh oh oh

10. I know I'm late on this one but I just heard Paramore's acoustic version of King's of Leon song Use Somebody and I'm in love with Hayley's voice on this song. 

11. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Corinne Bailey Rae's latest album.  Soon, oh soon, I shall posses The Sea....

That's all my ramblings for now........



Sandra January 30, 2010 at 3:42 AM  

Guy will be in the US in a month or two - maybe 3 - and will be around for a while. So you might get a chance to see him this year. I'll be seeing him in concert in February in Australia.

Chelsey January 30, 2010 at 3:53 AM  

I am agree totally with what you said about Guy Sebastian x

Julie January 30, 2010 at 6:09 PM  

Trini I so understand how you feel about Guy.He is the most amazing man ever. His voice is heaven sent.
He is gorgeous to look at. He is the most giving generous humble soul I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my entire life.
He is coming to America again very soon. So yes you can be his American fan club president if you like. Julie

Sandra January 30, 2010 at 6:18 PM  

Unfortunately, Guy is kind of unique, so don't come rushing to Oz expecting to find more like him. He's extra special.

Sue January 30, 2010 at 9:33 PM  

Love that you have discovered the wonderful Guy Sebastian, I have been a major fan since his first audition in 2003, seeing him in concert again in a couple of weeks :-) Oh if you have twitter Guy has a twitter account @guysebastian :-)

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