Sound of Da Police - How I Met Officer Big Daddy (BD for short)

>> Sunday, January 10

Woop Woop! That's the sound of da police! ~ KRS-One from Sound of Da Police

As stated in my previous post that I started officially dating again after my 7 year breakup with my last boyfriend, the man-child. All I can say is I HATE DATING, period! I met some interesting guys who I can see becoming friends with and some I quickly want to forget even exist.  Due to my breakup I needed a change of scenery, so I got a roommate; whom I’ll call Scarlet. Scarlet and I met through a mutual friend we share.  From our first conversation on the phone, which lasted about 2 hours, we felt like kindred spirits and that's rare for me to feel that way about someone I haven't even met face to face. On our first night living together, we went out to eat and had generic girl talk about this, that and the other mostly about her lo mein noodles not being “wet” enough.  Long story…..

~sidebar~ Damn you, China Doll for not having wet enough noodles for my roommate. ~end of sidebar~

While walking to the car and we were having a discussion about something which led to law enforcement or police, I don’t clearly remember which one. I do, however; remember her saying in the midst of my crazy ramblings, “I know someone that would be great for you and he’s a cop”.  I protested because 1. I was not ready to date, it had only been four months since my breakup and 2. anyone who knows me, knows that I have a couple of rules about dating. My absolute #1 is: NO military, NO police and NO firefighters.

Look, I don’t want a bunch of chicks raising their pitchforks at me because of my rule, it’s my rule and I’m entitled to my opinion. I don’t hate cops, military or firemen; I have men and women in my family who work in all three fields and I love them. It’s just I know the sacrifice that each of them give every single day and it takes a special person to stand beside them to help them and I don’t think I’m equipped with said skill. Besides, I'm a nervous wreck with a great imagination and I would always be worried every day about him at work.

Anyway, I thought she had dropped the cop talk and we were going to go about the rest of our evening.  Next thing I know she’s laying on my bed calling Officer Big Daddy and is making introductions between the two of us. Neither one of us wanted to get to know the other but needless to say, we had exchanged photos via text and Officer Big Daddy thought I was cute - isn’t technology grand? Okay, okay I admit I thought he was cute too but in a sort of comical way. He sent me a picture of him in his patrol car in his uniform with a straight serious cop face – I thought he was trying to be funny. I mean come on, who sends a picture of themselves to someone they are trying to impress without a smile on their face? For the record, he has a great smile that melts my heart and I could stare at all day.

By the way, I have seen his “really serious” cop face and it is scary, very very scary. I would hate to be the criminal on the other side of that face and he is the arresting officer. Jeez.......

If he had not made me laugh within the first 5 minutes of our conversation I was going to chalk him up as just another guy a friend tried to set me up with. Luckily for me, he is as charming as he is cute.

 We talked for about a week or so via phone calls and text messages before we agreed to meet on our first date or semi-date. He asked me if I wanted to hang out with him to watch Monday Night football at a sports bar.  Trini Grits, did you say a sports bar? How is hanging at a sports bar a good first date? I love football! End of story, period. (I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan and they were playing the Washington Redskins. How could I resist?) I wanted our first meeting/ date to be casual and not something too formal and although I was nervous, ever the gentleman and great communicator Officer Big Daddy made me feel relaxed and comfortable rather quickly. That was until he pulled out his gun. We'll talk about that later. He never goes anywhere without his gun. I used to be nervous about it but I've grown accustomed to it and no longer question why he always has it. 

It’s been almost 3 months and we've been hanging out, having fun, getting to know each other better and just exploring the possibilities. I’ll keep you posted on what happens. I will say this, Officer Big Daddy has some of the best and funniest stories and I will be sharing them with you, with his permission of course, so stayed tuned.…..  


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