Texting with Officer Big Daddy

>> Saturday, January 30

BD and I send each other text messages during the day. Sometimes we can have a whole conversation sometimes we can't because we are both busy during the day. I look forward to my texts from BD because he's a great person to talk to and he always puts a smile on my face. Here's an excerpt from one of our recent text conversations:

Trini GRITS: Just saying hi!

BD: What are you up to?

Trini GRITS: Nothing just wrapping up for the day about to go home. I have one more client then I'm out the door.

BD: No not that, you are up to something my cop hairs are standing up

Trini GRITS: Ok???? Well, tell your cop hairs to lay down then. I'm not up to anything at all. Sorry can't help you there.

BD: Nope they said you are up to being the cutest thing in 3" heels (inside joke between us)

Trini GRITS: LOL. You are so cute

How swwwwweeeeeeettttttt is he? I told you he was charming and that's why I like him. He knows exactly what to say at the right moments. Awwwww!


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