1940's Vintage/ The Notebook Inspired Photo Session

>> Thursday, February 25

Oh My Gracious!!!!!! Sqquuuuueeeeee!!!!!!! That is the sound of my heart screaming for joy. I cannot express my sheer joy and love for the photos I just ran across over on the Ruffled blog. I even found video of the couple's Perfect Catch wedding video and blog too. Do you understand how IN LOVE I am with these photos? LOVE IT!!!!!! The clothes, the styling, the couple, everything!!!!!!!!! I absolutely adore the film The Notebook and all things vintage, especially the romantic looks of the 1940's, so this has earned a special place in my heart. 

They even had a movie poster created for their wedding and video, by Alan Silva of Artistic Imagery :
Their Wedding Video

Director's Cut:

The Perfect Catch, starring Julie and Joe Berge from artistic imagery films on Vimeo.
The Perfect Catch a film by Artistic Imagery

camera operators: Travis Allen (of Light Media Productions ) and Alan Silva of Artistic Imagery
edited by Alan Silva
starring Julie Ficker and Joe Berge played at the Crest Theatre, May 30, 2009
I so want to do a 1940's inspired photo shoot like this, maybe as a 30th birthday gift to myself and minus "my Noah", since I'm not engaged. I'm planning a vintage theme 30th birthday party and I think it will be perfect to have photos like these on display at the party, I think I can pull it off. My friend Keisha, is a makeup artist with Buddaflyy Inc., a company made up of herself and Day Hill. They specialize in makeup, art direction, and photo shoot styling so, hopefully I can recruit their help with the photos. I'm off to find more inspiration and goodness. Enjoy!!!


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