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>> Thursday, February 18

In case you haven't heard or been under a rock for the past year or so but our president, The President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama is black and so is his beautiful wife, First Lady Michelle Obama. Guess what, people? They love each other. GASP!!!!!! The world is going to stop spinning now because two black people actually love each other and are raising gorgeous daughters with iron fists and loving arms (btw, have you seen Michelle's arms - FABULOUS!!!!!!)

How can this black couple continue to look like they exude the sexy in every photo of them taken together? 1. They don't allow the capacity of their current roles to define who they are. They knew who they were before they went into the White House and will still know whom they are when they leave. 2. They go on special date nights to keep their marriage fresh and exciting. More people should follow suit, marriage and/or relationships is only as strong as the two people involved and the influences they allow in their relationship.

I know an older couple that has a date night once a month and have been doing so for the past 15 years, so they don't forget how to connect with one another, and don’t forget the love they share. I think it's great and also beautiful to see a couple still in love with each other and still invested in their relationship. I hope that I can use them as inspiration to influence my own relationship so that I stay grounded, connected and always in love.

Relationships are hard work and it takes a toll on a person sometimes that’s why it’s important to step outside of the comfort zone and just explore each other again, like it’s the first time, every time. Dates are not only essential to getting to know a person when you first start dating but they are important in strengthening the bond after the walk down the aisle.  

BD asked me out last night on a date. Isn’t he great? He is definitely one of a kind. I’m selfish and I don’t like to share so, go find your own (and I meant that in the nicest possible way. SERIOUSLY!!!!). After I accepted his invitation I began to brainstorm about some ideas for our date. It’s not that he can’t plan a wonderful date because he can but that’s just how my mind works. You mention just one word, and my mind pulls ideas as fast as a librarian pulling cards from a card catalog for books that you claimed you couldn’t find but were right where they were supposed to be so she gives you the side because you were to lazy to do it yourself. Man, I miss the old school library and librarians.

It’s becoming ever increasingly important to stay connected in a relationship because everyone is so busy. We argue about this and argue about that, and are always focused on what’s not right instead of what is. It’s so easy to complain about our significant others instead of valuing what they do right, but for my relationship, I refuse to do so. As long as I’m being respected, treated like a lady, loved and cared for (thank you BD, for being who you are. You are wonderful!) – I’ll be a charming complement when I’m needed to make an impression, increase your hustle by adding my hustle, keep you focused on your focus and feed you.

I like my relationships easy, breezy and I don’t like to battle so I will do everything in my power to keep the romance going continually. It's essential for me even when I am upset, because I will be sometimes, that he never forgets how much I love him. It’s important to show your mate that you value them and that you prioritize your relationship above all else, even if you can only physically show it once a month or whenever you choose to go on date nights.

As BD and I were talking last night, I found this great article over on on great dates and I thought I would share. I hope to try a few of these or all if possible. I hope more couples do more date nights, be it at home or on the town, because like in my earlier post "Black Love Is Under Attack" and I'm tired of hearing little black children tell me that marriage and relationships are for white people. Be and set the example, that we are a people who still love and can love passionately, even when the media tells us that in our community; we are incapable of such a feat. Enjoy your love, enjoy your dates and most importantly enjoy each other.

I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Don’t let the kids have all the fun. Have some belly laughs at your local zoo, aquarium, amusement park and circus. And promise not to tell, if your guy screams.

Be a Jet-Setter
Have you and your honey been fantasizing about a trip to Capri but not able to afford the Mediterranean excursion just yet? Well, check out an Italian film (foreign film with subtitles can be super-sexy) and then grab a meal at your fave Italian restaurant afterward. You can even try “visiting” a different exotic locale every month.

Take the Picnic Indoors
Don’t let the cold temps stop you from pulling out the straw basket and checkerboard tablecloth for a good old fashioned picnic in your den or living room…It just might lead to the bedroom!

Night at the Museum
Get cultured with your beau at a local museum or art gallery. You can bond and learn at the same time. Most museums in major cities even host events once a month like the First Saturdays social gathering at New York’s Brooklyn Museum, which is a popular venue for couples and singles alike.

Class Act
Make learning sexy as you and the beau tackle a class together. Get your hands dirty with a pottery class or cooking class. Or find your funny bone with a improv comedy lesson.

Fitness Fun
Strengthen your bond along with your abs with a couple’s workout. You’ll push yourself for one more rep with such a handsome guy to spot you. Unwind with fruit smoothies after breaking a sweat.

Get Your Praise On
It’s a blessing to find someone special. Give honor to the Most High by attending a church service together followed with a soulful gospel brunch and enjoy the company of the gentleman placed in your path.

Horsing Around
Let your adventurous side out for some action with horseback riding. And if you’re too chicken or can’t find riding available in your area, try a romantic horse and carriage ride.

In Living Color
Skip the latest romantic comedy and enjoy the local talent your city has to offer at an amateur theater (where Tyler Perry and many of our favorite playwrights got their start). Tickets are budget friendly and you’ll have plenty to discuss once the curtains close.

Catch Me If You Can
Explore the town in your favorite pair of non-car wheels. Break out your old bike or rent skates or roller blades to get around.

Shopping Remix
We know men don’t like to shop with us, but we’re sure he’ll love this mall adventure. Present your guy with a gift card to your favorite lingerie shop. Tell him he gets to choose what he wants to see you in. Strut your stuff as you model the options.

You may not like to watch them, but experiencing a live sporting event is a good time for two. Spice up the game by agreeing to kiss on every first down or when the home team scores. Everybody wins!

Ya Gotta Eat
Since eating is a requisite for living, why not make it fun whenever possible? Create a theme night by cooking food indicative of a place that holds special memories for you (Relive the memories of your honeymoon in Hawaii!) or a time period you both love (Think back to the Harlem Renaissance!) and play music that evokes related memories while you and your sweetie savor your meal together.

A Couple That Volunteers Together, Stays Together
Consider helping out at a local soup kitchen or pitching in to build houses for Habitat for Humanity together on a Saturday afternoon. We guarantee your man will look even sexier to you after you watch him perform such selfless acts.


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