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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought I would post my personal view on Valentine’s Day: I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!! I don’t disagree with showing someone you love or care about them, but why does it have to only be shown on that day? There are 365 days out of the year why not pick one or pick a couple and create your own romantic holiday, JUST BECAUSE. Why can't you show your significant other that you care in the every day things that you do. I truly respect the man who can surprise me with anything romantic and say he just did it because it’s Tuesday and he wanted me to show me how much I meant to him or even in the simple way of looking deep into my eyes to say I Love You. Forget February 14th, I'm seriously just waiting for the chocolate sale on the 15th. How about that cupid?!!!!! Take that!!!!!

Please don't get it confused, I’m a hopeless romantic and I love all the mushy, gushy stuff just like the next girl but I’m not down with the Hallmark - Godiva/ Whitman Sampler Chocolate commercialized Valentine push. Thank God, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year because I hate going into work and seeing the women who don’t receive flowers, give the "if looks could kill" stares to the women who did receive them. It's just too much!!!

I can’t even remember the last time I received a Valentine from anyone, maybe high school, because I make sure that I’m clear with my significant other that I do not celebrate that particular day. If he wishes or insists on doing something nice for me to express his feelings, I just ask that he not do it on Valentine’s Day. I get weird stares from the ladies at work when I respond to the ‘what are doing for Valentine’s Day?’ 'What's he getting you?' questions by stating, I don't participate in Valentine's Day and no I'm not a Jehovah's Witness. "How can you not participate and not let your man not purchase, do something special for you on Valentine’s Day?" He has to get you something to show that he cares. Hogwash, I tell you, simply hogwash!!!! I don't need tokens of childish nonsense to let me know he cares, I already know that he does. 

It's in the way he stares at me when he thinks that I'm not looking. It's in how he holds my hand sitting on the couch just watching television or riding in the car. It's in the way he touches my face when he kisses me. It's in how he plays with and touches my hair. It's in his words and jokes, when he just simply wants to see me smile. It's in the deep, full embrace he gives me when we hug. Whoooo!!!! (I need a tissue, I'm getting emotional) See, I got all mushy gushy and lost in the moment there for a second. That's the only type of valentine tokens of affection I want and need; not some kiddish hot pink and red monstrosity that he had to lug home from a tedious shopping trip just for Valentine's Day.

Have you ever been to a store during Valentine's Day and gone on their specific Valentine's aisle? I have and it's just dreadful, pitiful and painful to watch. I've looked at the faces on those poor men standing in that aisle trying to decide whether or not getting that small box of chocolate will send the wrong signal that he's thinking she's fat. I've seen the save me, please deer caught in headlight look most men give off when trying to decide amongst the pink, red or yellow roses and if they are sending the right message. I've even seen the guys, who come in with a list written in his significant other's hand writing fully listing the items to be purchased in specific color, quantity and style because she has already been to and scoped out the store. Hilarious foolishness, if you ask me. It's too much pressure for anyone and I don't want any man to have to go through that much trouble for me for one day. I want love to be a effortless and simple, not forced. 

I can’t believe the way some women behave when it comes to Valentine's Day. They would probably put their men in a death grip if he didn’t plan the perfect Valentine’s Day and make it public so she can show off to all the single women, to make them depressed or jealous and compare notes with the attached ones so that they can throw in their faces my man is better than yours. The backfire to this is that if another man outdoes their man they get depressed and on the warpath harassing their guys with 'Why didn't you do that for me?'.  Any other time, all the other days of the year, their dude is a total jerk but come Valentine’s Day he is Mr. Casanova Sure You Right. If that’s what you call love, you can keep it.

Think about this: Of the entire Valentine’s gifts you have ever received, how many have you kept, used again, seen after February 14th? Hmmm..... EXACTLY!!!! You don’t. Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure in finding the perfect gift of hearts, cupids, arrows, teddy bears, roses and chocolates. I don’t want anyone stressing himself to find me the perfect gift; it’s just not worth it. 

Valentine’s Day is truckload of B#$&^%!T and I’m not willing to buy it. Women, wait to put on the cute lingerie for one night out of obligation because of the crap she made him buy her, only to go back to wearing their flannel pajamas and head scarves the next day. That’s like saying I only use my good china for guests and special occasions. Hell, in my house, everyday is a special occasion so I’m going to wear my cute lingerie and eat on the good china because I can and I want to EVERY DAY not because Mr. Hallmark says to do it only on February 14th and the occasional birthday

I will step down off my soapbox now because, I can shout this from the rooftop  but people will still be people and do whatever they want to do and willingly and knowingly throw themselves fall into the trap of stupidity. Since, I don’t want to piss anybody off with my anti-commercialized Valentine’s Day tirade, I’ll spend the next couple of posts showing how to do Valentine’s Day or any romantic day (or night) right for the people who are still looking for some last minute ideas or are romantically challenged. I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day and whoever your Special Valentine is. 


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