Girls Night Out with Reggie Hines at Cafe 290

>> Saturday, February 27

Serendipity -
Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you've found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.”

Last night my good friend Joyce and I decided we wanted to hang out to get our minds off of the long week we both had. Our night started as usual, when we hang out, we had dinner and cocktails at home while listening to some great music and having good conversation. We decided we would go to a club in Atlanta and headed out after we were full on cocktails, more like I was full on cocktails, since she drove.

We arrived at the club and we were disappointed, it was the first time either one of us had been to this club. We were looking to go some place different than our usual spot. We could tell the moment we stepped foot in the door that this was not our scene. After doing a quick scan of the club, we decided to head to our regular hang out spot and just chill. We got there and the party atmosphere was definitely in full effect and it was the same as usual. We ordered are regular cocktails at the bar and settled in for what was to be one of our expected crazy nights that ended in both of us having way too much too drink, feet hurting because we have worn them out dancing all night and hair smelling smoke from the smokers. For some reason, we just weren’t feeling it last night so after finishing our drinks we decided to leave the 2nd club we had been to in under an hour and head up the street to this jazz club/ sports bar called Café 290.

We had both been to Café 290 before but it had been years and we were so glad we did. It was so worth the driving around to different spots and the cover charge. Last night the featured musician was Reggie Hines and his band. Words cannot express how much I really enjoyed his artistry, gift and especially his choices in wardrobe styling. The band was top-notch and killing every song they played. They played everything from Yearning For Your Love (The Gap Band) to Single Ladies (Beyonce) to Brick House (Commodores) to Be Thankful For What You Got (William DeVaughn) to house music such as Follow Me (Aly-Us). He had me when I walked in the door but really took me home when he played the house music. Lord, knows I love some good house music and when you play it live with instrumentation. Whoooooo!!!!! Another highlight of the evening was former Dekalb County CEO Vernon Jones stopping in for dinner and stepping up to the mic to do his version of Georgia On My Mind.

It was definitely serendipitous for us to have been in Café 290 to experience the musical genius of Reggie Hines and his band. No more sweat your hair out clubs for me, no ma’am, no sir; I’m going to hang out wherever Reggie Hines is playing. I was glad to be in the place last night to fully soak up all the goodness they were pouring out through their instruments and showmanship. Joyce and I had a great time; we sang and danced along while they played some of our favorite cuts. It was an awesome evening. Since, I’m still in the planning phases of my birthday, me thinks, I need to hire Reggie for the entertainment. He will definitely make the evening entertaining, fun, sexy and enjoyable for all.

So, if anybody is looking for me on a Friday or Saturday night, you know where I’ll be hanging out: Café 290 listening to Reggie or wherever he’s playing at for the evening. I encourage you all to come check him out in person, visit his website and definitely get a CD (nothing beats him live but the CD is pretty hot). Cafe 290 is also the perfect, THE PERFECT place and soundtrack to a great date night! 

290 Hilderbrand Drive Northeast
Sandy Springs, GA 30328-3900
(404) 256-3942

Check out some video I found of Reggie Hines and band performing on YouTube:
Floetry - Say Yes
Michael Jackson - Workin Day And Night
Show Me What You Got
What You Won't Do For Love (Remix)

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