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>> Monday, February 8


I ran across a blog called A Police Wife, where Mrs. Hot Fuzz posts on her life being a mom and a police wife. I love reading her posts on the everyday and the interesting things she finds in the dryer, but most of all I enjoy reading her husband's (Hot Fuzz or HF) posts on what it is like to be a police officer. Together their posts have helped to put answers to questions I have about what Officer Big Daddy goes through day to day. I'm not Officer Big Daddy's wife but I care about him a lot and I want to understand the importance of his career and the issues he faces in his role as a police officer. 

Below, is a post from Hot Fuzz or HF about really good people in the universe, there are quite few things in his post that touched me and stood out to me. This will be a two part post because there are two different topics that I want to touch on. The first, being the true and loving spirit of people in finding the joy of giving to others and the second being the mindset of a police officer.  

The other day I was working a basketball game for a local University.  I was patrolling one of the concourses when a couple approached me and asked me if I would be willing to do something for them.  I asked them how I could be of service and they showed me a little T-shirt. "There's this little boy in our section and he's in a wheel chair.  He looks pretty disabled and he's here with just his mom.  We thought it would be cool if you presented him with this T-shirt on behalf of the school."
I asked the couple how they knew the boy and his mother and they exclaimed that they didn't know them at all and wanted me to give him the T-shirt so their gift would be anonymous.  I was touched.  I agreed and we walked together toward their section in the stands.  As we got closer I told another officer what we were about to do.  He pulled out a "junior police officer" sticker and handed it to me. "Deputize him while your at it!" he said.

When we arrived at the couple's section, they quickly made their way back to their seats and watched from above.  The other officer and I made our way to the little boy in the wheel chair and his mother.  When we arrived I introduced us and addressed the boy,

"The university would like to thank you for coming to support the team and would like to give you this special T-shirt. We would also like to make you a junior police officer today."

I handed his mother the badge and she placed it on her son's chest.  Her eyes welled up with tears and she thanked us for doing what we did.  As I walked away I glanced up at the couple who had given me and this little family this wonderful gift.  I waved and they tearfully smiled back at me.

Earlier that day I had been feeling pretty dark about the state of the world.  I was wondering if there really were any decent people left in the world.  Then this happened.  My faith in humanity was restored.  I never got a chance to thank the couple after the game for their wonderful act of anonymous kindness.  I never got to thank them for giving me the opportunity to be the face of their simple act of kindness.  I have no doubt that this will have positive after effects for our department.  Where ever you are, thank you.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this wonderful thing.  You made me and my department look heroic that day.  You guys are the real heroes and I will always remember what you did. source

I read this post and it brought tears to my eyes not just for that officer who was honored to be able to do this for this little boy and his mom, but for the couple who wanted to do this for him. So many times I see people who do things to get recognition and they take the power out of their intent for their own glory. It touched me that this couple would do this and not knowing who this family was, not for the applause but for the love that they felt in their heart for their fellow man. You never know what goes in in the everyday lives of people you come across or simply pass in the street. We will never know the back story or understand the struggles and victories of this little boy and his family but he will never forget the kindness of the unseen faces, officers and the joy of that moment. I was once told that you can't bring forth something that is not in you. This couple had a heart of compassion that planted seeds of joy into that officer and family. From those seeds the fruits of their heart was joy that will stay with and encourage all participants and readers of this story that there are still really good people in the world. We should all have a heart of compassion and joy, it is what makes life meaningful. I commend the nameless and unseen faces who were touched and moved to do something as simple an act just to bring a smile to this young man. It's the simple things in life that goes a long way.   

We live in a society where we stopped being our brother's keepers and have become the judge, jury and executioner to many who don't fit into our views or our own lifestyle. Have you ever stopped to think about what people face behind closed doors and how a simple gesture on your part could lift their spirits? What may seem small to you may be all the encouragement someone else needs. What you see as insignificant maybe major in the life of the person standing behind you in the grocery line. We get so caught up in the stresses in our lives that we forget that life is more than just the bills, work commitments, and whatever else keeps us up worrying. With technology being what it is, leaving us feeling disconnected from one another and the fast pace of life in these present times, I know it's difficult to see the rainbow through rain but without rain, there would be no rainbows. 

Take time to really enjoy what life is about , the connections you feel in the people you meet, the smile on children's faces, the joy in your heart when the world is alright. I encourage all of you to do one random act of kindness not when you think you will be recognized or when you are being watched but when your heart tugs at you to do so. When God tells you to move, you should move because your blessing is on the other side of your obedience. 



Anonymous February 11, 2010 at 9:36 AM  

Just when you think you should leave people to implode themselves, someone surprises you with an act of kindness that feeds your weary soul. Officer Big Daddy

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