I Am NOT A Leprechaun!!!!!!!!

>> Thursday, February 18

I’m so tired of speaking to people over the phone, when I schedule business meetings, that are shocked that I’m a black woman when they meet me. The looks I get when I introduce myself gets me every time, it’s as if the great rapport we built on the phone gets thrown out the door because clearly a black woman such as myself is incapable of having a conversation like that or the interests that I do.  I have had to deal with this since Jesus was a boy and I’m sick and tired of it. I feel a public service is needed. Now, I know that some people will still do what they do and that’s fine if they want to wallow in their ignorance, let them.  I tell you, ignorance knows no bounds.
People, I’m not a leprechaun, I might be the height of one (keep your jokes to yourself), but I’m not a leprechaun so stop treating me and other black women as if we are mythical creatures. 
I am a black woman, who is intelligent, educated, and ever learning, so stop treating and talking down to me as if I’m not.

I am a black woman, who lived in a home in a great neighborhood, so stop asking me what’s good in the hood, even though I didn’t grow in up in that environment I'm pretty sure I can show you better than I could tell you.

I am a black woman, who can rock a hoodie and sneaks in the streets to handling her business in the boardroom wearing a sleek business suit, so stop looking shocked when I step in the office looking sexy and professional; my mother taught me how to dress appropriately and how to look great doing it.

I am a black woman, who knows what I like and what I want, so stop acting like I’m indecisive and confused because the only one confused is you.

I am a black woman, who grew up with both parents in the home; so don’t talk to me like I don’t know who my daddy is.

I am a black woman, who can speak the King’s English and flip it to Trini patois when necessary, so don’t look at me like I’m speaking German when I give a direct order.

I am a black woman, who has traveled all over, so stop acting like haven’t been outside the perimeter – Hell, I’m not even from Georgia

I am a black woman, whose hair is real, so stop asking me what store and type of hair do I buy. Do I look like I wear hair weave, lace front, etc.? On a side note, don’t just walk up and start petting and molesting my hair like it’s a dog. Jesus doesn’t like hair molesters.

I am a black woman, who has curves for days, so stop staring at me like I'm a prostitute and my pimp is going to jump out my back pocket any minute to charge you for undressing me with your eyes. Better yet, if you can't handle looking me in the face because your eyes are focused on other regions of my body just look at your shoes, when you speak to me.

I am a black woman, who always has a smile on my face; so stop being scary when you approach me like I’m the poster child for that other mythical creature, the angry black woman. If you’re nice, I’m nice.

I am a black woman, who has goals and dreams, so stop acting like this job is all that I will amount to.

I am a black woman, who loves the arts and literature, so stop standing with your mouths wide open when I can recite Sonnets from the Portuguese.

I am a black woman, who is into politics, so stop acting like I don’t know my President is black and that you don't agree that Sarah Palin is stupid.

 I am a black woman, who loves music, so stop staring when I bust out with an occasional country song.

I am a black woman, who is a true foodie, so stop acting surprised when I order escargot or scallop and calamari seviche in truffle oil

I am a black woman, and have been since birth and will be one when I die, so stop acting like I do something every day that exceeds your expectation, I’m just doing my job.

I am a black woman, not a leprechaun or any other mythical creature you choose to describe me as, I’m just plain and simple just a woman.


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