I Got 99 Problems and Tiger Woods Ain't One.....

>> Friday, February 19

Raise your hands if you are tired of this whole Tiger Woods debacle. ***Standing up from my desk and placing both hands high in the air (I'd put both legs up in the air too if it wouldn't look inappropriate at work).***

Who cares if Tiger is a freak and likes to sex down everything, ahem, white with a vagina? Excuse me, white people but Tiger, for damn sure is not checking for me or any of my kind. We just not his flavor.

Who cares if his wife turned from Elin, the beautiful and dutiful nordic wife to Elquisha, the angry black woman scorned, and had a straight up N!@#A moment; to try and knock his head off his shoulders? 

Who cares that Tiger is publicly apologizing today, he doesn't owe me a damn thing? The only people who need his apology are his wife and kids.

I am so utterly sick of this mess; I can't believe the people I work with are camped out in front of the television like the health community was about to make an announcement that they found a cure for cancer. People are so messy and are quick to build you up only to tear you down when you don't fit into their standards of living. I tell you, people love to tell you that your morals don't fit in with their morals, when they don't even have any they damn selves. As long as their sins are not being exposed they will talk mad shit about you, and kick you when you are down.

Was his situation affecting his golfing or whatever the reason people built him up like a golden calf and worshipped at his feet? Absolutely Not. So, why do you care if he liked to get his freak on behind his wife's back? There are plenty of men, who cheat on their spouse every day but I don't see the moral majority standing on their front lawn with the pitchforks - hellfire and brimstone speeches.

The fact of the matter is what he does, whether it is on the field or off the field, doesn't stop me from receiving my paycheck. Tiger's issues are between him, his wife and his God. I'm not into condemning or condoning him or other people for their sins because we've all sinned. Whether or not you think your sin is lesser than Tiger's or anyone else's, sin is still sin. I'm so glad that God doesn't do us like man when we make mistakes because if He did then we'd be up the creek without a paddle. So, I hope America got what they wanted with Tiger's press conference, so they can stop raking him over the coals and allow him to get back to life as usual. Tiger was not the first and he definitely won't be the last man to have indiscretions. Do you Tiger! You'll be sitting back on top of the world, in no time. All I know is that I got 99 problems and Tiger Woods ain't one.


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