Song Of The Week - Jean Baylor (formerly of Zhane') - Morning Time B Side Live

>> Thursday, February 25

It's another edition of song of the week and I very much needed to hear this song again today. It is one of my personal favorites. The passion behind Jean Baylor's vocals and the pure love weaved into the lyrics is simply divine, truly inspirational and angelic. Every time I listen to it brings tears to my eyes. You can't help but be caught up in the love and joy expressed in this song. Just when I think I'm not capable or strong enough to endure something, my mind quickly goes to this song. When I think that the dark clouds are never going away, the lyrics remind that: 

You never know what you can do
Until you have His love
All of a sudden, you open your eyes
You begin to see yourself alive
You fly, you fly, you fly, you fly
You’ll have this joy
Coming in the morning …

... Only I can tell you why, why my life is beautiful 
... Everything I be, is not because of me, it's because He loves me so
...There is something inside of you....just gotta keep walking strong, just gotta keep holding on

I needed to hear this song to remind myself that where I am right now in my life is not permanent, it's not my purpose, and that if I continue living and walking the way God wants me to, I'll get there. This song has gotten me through so many days and nights. It will continue to do so, because I know that staying strong and focused will get me through whatever storms my arise and remind me that everything I am, will ever be, is because He loves me so.


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