Thanks Genius Bar!

>> Sunday, February 7

UPDATE: Congrats to the Drew Brees and the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS for their stellar Super Bowl win last night. You deserve it!!!!!!

Thanks Ronnie at the Apple Store Genius Bar in Atlanta. I am a happy girl again, thanks to you. 

For the past week my Mac has been out of commission so I haven't been able to post to the blog. I have so much to share and I will get to all of it, I assure you. For now, I just want to enjoy watching Coach Jim Caldwell, Peyton Manning, Pierre Garcon and The COLTS in the Super Bowl. Sorry Saints fans, I love the Saints and Drew Brees too but I love Peyton more.

Dat's Who? Them Colts, Who Else!!!!!!! 
LET'S GO PEYTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


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