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>> Friday, March 12

Here's some great posts on cops that I read via A Police Wife: from Texas Ghostwriter I Eat Rookies for Breakfast: Things That They Don't Teach You At The Academy and from the-eggman Things Cops Know (and Things Cops Want You To Know). This is some pretty funny stuff. The post from Texas Ghostwriter (I Eat Rookies for Breakfast) sounded like stuff that Detective BD would say, better yet, it is stuff he would say. I may need to have Detective BD be a guest blogger on this blog one day to give his perspective on being in law enforcement that will probably be a very interesting and enjoyable post. Also, here are some funny pics I found on LOL Cops. Enjoy!


mrs. fuzz March 12, 2010 at 3:19 AM  

Hi Trini Grits! I saw you were following and came over to say hello. I busted up as soon as I saw the "Respect Mah Authoritah". I had no idea about LOL cops. I will be adding that site to my reads. Thanks for the link! Is it okay with you if I add you to my blogroll? Let me know.

Trini GRITS March 12, 2010 at 3:18 PM  

Hey Mrs. Fuzz!

Thanks for stopping by my next of the woods. I LOVE your blog, you always have great posts. I found those photos and captions on LOL Cops and I completely lost it when I saw "Respect Mah Authoritah". I have a very funny story that goes with that photo in regards To Detective BD but I need I to ask his permission to post it first. LOL! He might not want to share that one, but we'll see. You may certainly add me to your blogroll, and I'll add you to mine. Yeah!!!!! Thanks for stopping in and saying hi! I'll be sure to return the favor.

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