The Look Of Love - The First Couple Flirting at The White House (Photos)

>> Monday, March 8

First Couple Flirting At The White House

When two people are in love, it is very evident in the way they react to and move with each other. It cannot be faked and practiced or perfected, it is what it is. What may seem normal to them in how they communicate to one another may be extraordinary rays of sunshine to others on the outside looking in. You can't help but feel the warmth that radiates from our President and First Lady, a beautiful couple in love. 

I can only pray that I have a relationship that is based in love, mutual affection and chemistry. A love that will give me the flutters of butterflies in my stomach every time that we are together. A love so intense, that when we are in a room full of people and turn to look at each other, it will feel as if we are the only ones there and everything else disappears. Thank you President and Mrs. Obama for being excellent examples of what it looks like when a couple is really comfortable with each other, being friends (it takes a lot of years and practice to find the ease of this but it can be done) and so very in love. 

This gives me hope that I to can have loving and wonderful relationship that is genuine, respectful and dynamic. I'm going to be patient and just enjoy the relationship I have because BD and I, definitely have a good base start for building this type of relationship, only time will tell. Until then, I'm just going to sit back and admire the romantic, loving and beautiful couple we have in the White House and just gaze at all their moments of loveliness together.

The first couple welcomed guests to the White House on Monday, marking International Women's Day. Mrs. Obama looked ravishing in a grey draped dress by Lanvin.
They kicked off the event with this adorable exchange. Pictures and full transcript below.
MRS. OBAMA: Thank you so much. So I get to speak first while he stands and watches. I love this. (Laughter.) Look at me adoringly. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: I can do that.
MRS. OBAMA: With sincerity. (Laughter.) Anyway. Source


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