Weddings and Events - Part 1

>> Monday, March 15

For those who don't know, I am a freelance floral and event designer/producer in Atlanta and I work with the of the BEST of the best in Atlanta. For the sake of keeping some sort anonymity, I won't post what companies I work for or with but if you really want to know or live in the Metro Atlanta Area and need services just shoot me an email and I'll tell you. Even though, I'm switching gears and entering into the medical field, I still love what I do with all my heart. I just wanted to take an opportunity to go back, share and revisit some of my favorite weddings and events that I have worked on. This will be in two parts, I'm proud of the work and experience so, I want to share quite a few photos. Unfortunately, I can't share them all because there are just too many, but I hope you get some idea of how I spend my time at work. Just click on the photos to get an enlarged view. Enjoy!

More to come.......


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