Weddings and Events - Part 2

>> Tuesday, March 16

As promised, here is Part 2 to my first weddings and events post. The following events are by far my absolute  all-time favorites. The photos are of 2 different weddings at the uber-gorgeous Georgia Aquarium and a breathtaking Bar Mitzvah. As a side note, to anyone in the Atlanta area I highly recommend the Georgia Aquarium for any event; the staff and venue are absolutely amazing and just wait until you see the view that awaits in the ballroom. Enjoy!

Do you see that cut out in the left of this picture, that is the huge window to the Beluga Whale tank that is inside the ballroom. The next set of photos shows the scale of the tank and some close-ups of the Beluga Whales I took while setting this wedding up.
This is the dance floor being set up in front of the tank. It's a gorgeous backdrop to a couple's first dance.
Now, back to event photos.............
Check the Beluga swimming in the tank in the background
This picture is courtesy of the Baker's Man, who is totally awesome by the way. He is a TRUE artist and his work is outstanding. I personally recommend him.
This is my crappy photo but you get the idea.
The groom was apart of Roswell SWAT and this was his groom's cake with blinking sirens and all. It was AMAZING!!! It's funny because I was joking this day that I need to find a SWAT officer (I was joking at the time, because everyone knew what my rule was) and only 2 months after this event, I met Detective BD, who happens to be on the SWAT team. God is so funny!!!!  


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