Vintage, Estate and Antique Jewelry: A Love Affair

>> Wednesday, April 7

I am a hardcore vintage, antique and estate lover, especially when it comes to clothes and jewelry. One of my favorite websites, Fay Cullen, had a priority viewing today of the new pieces that hadn't hit their website yet and oh my, my, my..... one of their new pieces soon to hit the site jumped right out at me. I'm not a diamond kind of girl, I am more into colored gems like Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires, etc but this was calling my name. I noticed they are selling the setting without the center stone, so I may just purchase it and place one of the loose colored gems I have and make my perfect ring. Take a look at this beauty.........................

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways.......................
Is this not the most darling thing you have ever seen? Oh, I am so in love with this ring setting. Again, I can do without the diamond but I wouldn't be mad if it had it either. I'm seriously thinking of purchasing this for myself.
While I was browsing the site today, looking for a possible gift for my mom for Mother's Day, I found some other pieces that I love.
  They also sell cute and stylish jewelry gift boxes to put your purchases in. Even if you buy your jewelry somewhere else and just want a WOW presentation these gift boxes will certainly do just that .
I love Faberge Eggs and I want to purchase a few of these to hold and display my favorite rings in.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for yourself (I believe in purchasing gifts for myself), gifts for a special loved one or just want to admire the beauty of Fay Cullen's beautiful jewelry visit:

They have a brick and mortar jewelry store as well as their online shop, so if you are located in the Miami, Fl Area make an appointment to visit them.

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