Tactical Gear

>> Monday, June 7

This post is very random but whatevs, it's my blog!!!!!

Since BD has become a detective he no longer wears a uniform, only when he works his part-time job at a local night club and even then when he does I don't get to see him because he works very, very late. He goes to work now in suits and ties - which he looks amazingly hot in, btw. A couple of weeks ago, I met BD and his brother for dinner and BD was wearing his tactical gear because he had just come from work and he looked soooooo freakin' amazing. Even though his guns still scare me, he had on his pretty cool thigh holster ( a la Jack Bauer) and I wanted to jump him right then and there. If I could have BD dress in tactical gear every day maybe minus the big gun, I would. I think BD looks great in whatever he wears but it's something about seeing him in his tactical gear that I love. The things I like, go figure.


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