Well, Hello there.......Sergeant!

>> Sunday, August 15

I know I haven't posted in almost two months but that's changing. Between work and other commitments, I have just been super busy. I'll get to what I've been up to in another post coming up but I wanted to just post something about Detective BD...... ahem, excuse me - Sergeant BD for a minute. Yes, you read that right, Detective BD is now Sergeant BD and I couldn't be any happier than I am for him right now.

The week after I first met BD, he was taking his Sergeant's exam and he scored really well on the exam but was not selected at that time. A few months after that, back in February, he made Detective and I was so proud of him. This past Thursday I got a text from BD that he made Sergeant. I was so happy because I knew he wanted this more than anything and he was super excited. I went to see BD the next night and he showed me his new badge and new ID card. He was soooooo cute because it was as if someone told him that he had won the lottery. He told me how he found out and how honored he was in the way that it happened - while he was doing his job and while he was wearing his uniform.

I cannot begin to tell everyone how proud I am of BD. He is a great officer and even greater man. When I think of BD all I can do is smile because I think of all things that he adds to my life and how he makes me happy, I can't help but be thankful for him. Congratulations Sergeant BD, no one is more deserving than you. I am so proud of you, sweetie and I love you.


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